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When wise women meet we discuss the energy of the earth, how the earth has moved us, healed us, how it has created community growth, harmony, and destruction.  Honoring and celebrating the earth as our deity is the foundation of Wise Woman Traditions.  We hold the aspect of Nature (Gaia) as our goddess in energetic form through all that is of the earth and the universe.  We walk the earth with daily intentions of honor and respect for many moons, many years with a deep connection to honoring the ways of the earth as a living soul. 

Wise women recognize the physical body as a paradigm of the earth's structure.  We are of the earth in elements and we should be so in our daily health and wellness as well.  We can source the body of the earth and the cosmic light of the universe to heal, to bring forth growth.   Our bodies can and do speak the truth to us if we listen to its wisdom.  Just as the word disease describes in its truth that all disease is, is the body being not at ease, or not in wellness.  Our body is speaking to us through our cellular memory in the natural life cycles of the earth and cosmic realms.  

Wise women's traditions in healing work involve the wisdom of identifying the energetic field of a body and being intuitively able to sense sickness within an ailing body.  This means assessing the 7 layers of the Human Energy Field and having the natural ability to shift the fields into a positive flow.  The foundation of years of practice being with and of the earth supports this ability.  This source (cellular energy) must be found within each soul’s essence.  

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