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Since I was a young child I could see, feel and sense things that other people could not.   At a young age I began studying creative visualization, meditation and metaphysical healing and tools.  In my teens I was introduced to homeopathy as an energetic form of curing or shifting emotional disorders.  Auric energy has always been consistent in my life visually.  Wise women traditions, as well as natural living and healing is a vital role in my practice and daily life.  Having practiced and studied in a women’s circle for over 25 years, and worked with some amazing women herbalists, midwives, healers and shamanesses.   I am grateful to the countless communities I have been able to grow and be nurtured in.  I have healed myself with many practices, as well as studied and worked with amazing healers.  I hold a firm belief that accessing nature is a priority to healing in our daily human life.

To heal naturally, the energetic system needs to be in its most optimal state of being.  Of my studies, I use Qi Gong as Medicine, Bio-Energy Healing of Ireland and Metamorphosis as my main energetic therapies to heal on a cellular level. I apply these techniques with aroma acupoint therapy, hypnotherapy, breathwork, sound and vibrational bio frequencies to place the body and mind in optimal state for its natural ability to heal. It is true that when the body is at complete rest, it can heal itself.  When the mind is at ease, the body can rest. So when the body is released in calmness, and the mind is at ease and empty of thoughts, the soul expands energetically and restores the body and mind.  With healing therapies an emotional intelligence arises within and circumstances are seen with a sense of clarity, and the ability to move through obstacles otherwise causing disease or trauma are lifted.  

My practice has been a 25 year development of working with countless clients, (over 3,000) for spiritual and emotional health concerns as well as chronic disease.  At some points in my career I worked a lot with mothers and mothering.  I have worked with women on the cancer journey, and there was a time that my practice was primarily filled with women who had been abused, emotional or physical.  I have also had periods of time that men are predominant in my practice.  It is with a deep commitment that I enjoy working with children like myself.   


A willing participant in healing oneself is the best client, my aim is to help every individual on her/his path whatever that may be.  I make no judgments of my clients as my healing art is sacred to me.  I am a facilitator of movement for the clients energy.  My energy is what I call low frequency while I work within a client’s field and that is the vital ingredient to energetic healing, I am committed to assisting the client’s energy to lift.  Healing light frequency is directed to access points or acute locations.   

My belief in light energy/light form is present in my work on levels of ascension.  It is my desire to create the perfect environment for the client to raise the light within themselves and emerge their true authentic light in life form. I take my work seriously, and I am grateful to have so many incredible souls to walk with on this path.  I have worked with the dying and assisted births at the time of entrance in life.  It is my firm belief that to stand with a person's soul and create a healing space for them, years of experience are required to create that environment for another soul.  I have cultivated and curated that experience over many moons, many circumstances, many illnesses, many diseases therefore I have an established foundation in the art of healing.  

I am grateful to be in alignment with my fate.  It has been a long journey of mountains and obstacles that I have had to overcome.  My experience has led me to master my practice, having confidence in my skills resulting in client’s healing.   To hold space for the client to heal for themselves is an honor and a privilege.  

Happiness to you & yours, 


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