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When the body is rested, the mind is at ease and the soul is expanded, that is the moment that healing energetically will take place. When imagination is used as a causeway for discovery various levels of reality become revealed with an inner state of knowing. This opens a window to ones inner mystic, again living in the everlasting expanding of the soul.

All sessions are private one on one healing sessions. Expect to stay longer than the time allotted, as the times listed are for actual work. Please dress comfortably relaxed clothing and in something that you do not want stained by essential oils.

I’m a caring Holistic Therapist specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services that address the root causes and not just the symptoms of pains and ailments. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you.



$350 minimum - 180 minute session

Two hours of hands-on energetic healing with the use of ancient qi gong as medicine; Quantum Physics; Matrix Analysis; Bio-Energy Healing; Energetic Acupressure Points; Auric Healing; Metamorphosis as energy medicine as well as healing hands practices, Donna Eden Methods, Barbara Brennan and Reiki. This is a FULL energy session that includes Amethyst Bio-Mat; energy center analysis, a creative visualization with crystal bowl sound bath, and soul retrieval. At the end of this session, you will receive an energetic analysis of your auric field and suggestions on techniques to improve your emotional wellness. Divine wisdom through the session will ignite a longing for the essence within your soul to expand and mature.  

This session is required for first-time clients as it is an assessment of the energy field on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  This session will open your energetic field to address disturbances and bring an opportunity to strengthen your core energetic constitution.  The time needed is for a deep reading of the whole energetic system inclusive of the auric, meridian, and energy systems.  This is a spiritual advisory session as well, you will be given suggestions for healing your energetic field on your own for continued growth. 



$250 minimum - 90+ minute session

The Alignment Module Sessions are a continuation of the Full Alignment session. The Full Alignment session is required before scheduling a Module session as it is a continuation of the healing awakening. These sessions build upon strengthening the human energetic field continually while providing somatic healing through parts therapy, DNA amplification, cord releasing, recall therapy, regression therapies, journey work, wise woman traditions, light illumination, energetic repatterning, and much much more.  

This one and a half-hour + hands-on session with hands-on of energetic healing with the use of ancient qi gong as medicine; Bio-Energy Healing; Violet Ray Integrated Energy Techniques; Vibrational Attunement with Crystal & Aluminum Tuning forks, Auric Healing; Energetic Acupoint; Aroma Acupoint Therapy; Metamorphosis as energy medicine as well as healing touch practices and connection to source/Reiki. The sessions will always have a therapeutic visualization for self-analysis, generally focused on the issues per client needs after assessment. Each session an energetic assessment will be provided. The module sessions will eventually include around the 4/5th sessions including instruction on Emotional Toning Techniques, Self Care Acupressure Points, EFT; Body Awakening Techniques, and energetic movement skills to take home for daily use.

Please note that the module sessions will vary from the needs and desires of each individual client in the form of soul embodiment through parts therapy; emotional recall; Ho’oponopono; cellular healing; core star retrieval; frequency upgrade, dreamwork; mythical healing; the warrior’s script; life & soul purpose. Then an overall mapping of physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns will be assessed. These patterns can be addressed with the use of homeopathic remedies or essences remedies. A complete individual guide to Spiraling Out methods will be presented to the client for the benefits of advancement of the soul.  




At times I will offer weekly or biweekly packages for clients with chronic disease, depression, or battling a habit or pattern change. These packages will only be discussed at the time and only
after the first Full Alignment session.



$300 - Initial 180 minute session
$220 - Follow up 120 minute session

30 minutes of video phone introduction, followed by 40 minutes of energetic healing light transmission into the geometric matrix of the energy system, restoring renewal on a cellular (DNA) and soul level. Within this practice, biofield tuning with sound is a standard virtual method of healing.  And a 15-minute follow-up phone call to confirm session transmission or reinstate verbally. In the first session, you will receive a written summary of the session.  Long-distance healing is supported by studies of prayer, distance healing, and quantum physics. Talk therapy and self-healing techniques and direction will be suggested to continue the process.



$120 per session for at least 3 months, every two weeks.
*Ages 9-17*

Each session will include a 20 min healing session.  Counseling with a child on their awareness, empathy, perspective with tools and techniques on how to manage life as an empathic/sensitive child. Management to stay attuned with your energetic field before reacting through anger. Differentiate the difference between positive and negative experiences of seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing the energy of others. Learning how to work on themselves to see how they can better function in the world as sensitive beings. References available.



$40 - Clients
$60 - Non-Clients
60 to 90 minutes

One group energy movement session every month will be held in a public park or beach in Monmouth County, NJ. Each session will be a session of self-care energy methods with a spiritual element of the seasons attached to it and meditation to continue in nature on your own.  These sessions are packed with an education that will enhance your knowledge and practice of using energy medicine techniques on a daily basis in your own life. It is a continuation of practicing the palpation of your own energy field that you maintain spiritual awakening levels of healing as well as supporting your connections to the earth and universe.  Only open to current clients.  Please contact me if you are currently a client and would like to know the dates and times. These sessions can be offered to private groups, organizations/businesses, or offered to schools.



Please inquire about how I can fit into your experience.

I absolutely love to travel! In the past, I have worked doing private healings during 3 to 7-day retreats. I offer my services as a special highlight at exclusive spas and resorts. Sequencing workshops are self-care, energy medicine workouts & meditations that can be a part of a seminar or series. These sessions can be tailored to the group focus like Celtic Rituals, Journeying Drum Circles. I have provided services at cancer journey retreats and resorts; over 55 resorts and communities; yoga, spiritual; and natural living retreats; I have spoken in public communities and schools. Currently, I am supporting WeForum as a Wellness Ambassador at WeForum Fit Crawl and Corporate engagements to strengthen the health and wellness of communities by targeting individuals through educational programs and services.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any requests at the email provided. I look forward to speaking with you about what I can offer to your engagement. 


Services are priced for an income of  $70,000 a year.  The fees listed are the minimum you can pay.  If your income is higher and you are a conscious compassionate human who knows they can afford to pay more, please pay as your income permits.  
My services are collection of degrees, and certifications, with over 56 years of life experience as an intuitive and clairvoyant.  
Feel confident by reading my testimonies on the Singing Praises page. Also on the Intention page, at the bottom there are comments from my clients.  
I offer charity services.  Request an application on the contact page.


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