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. . . the art of amplifying light essence

After 25 years of maintaining a successful practice of a healing melody, I am delighted to be offering a Healing Mentorship. This Mentorship has been a long time coming. It is my pleasure to share with you my skill set and protocols in my practice. I have been practicing in the healing arts for many moons therefore my skill set is eclectic and vast. You will practice numerous movements and intention techniques as well as multiple practices to create healing for your clients.

You will learn Soul Therapy and Creative Visualization that will generate transcendence through layers of lives and ascensions.  Learn specialized hand movements honed and developed by me.  You will acquire knowledge of how to assess a clients aura, physical body, emotional and spiritual fields and use them to increase the client's amplification of their original essence. 

The Mentorship is designed to invite you into my practice by developing skills that are proven to work. If you are a client of mine, I am confident that you know that in your body, mind and spirit. Healing is an art and developing a practice can be overwhelming. I have created a platform where learning is both clinical and magical resulting in a complete understanding of how you can move forward with your own successful healing practice. 



Learning the art of healer

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Learning the art of healer



Learning the art of healer

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