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About 20 years ago I was introduced to Metamorphosis by an intuitive healer Innid Maishman. Innid used it as physical palpation into spiritual past lives.  Her practice was so unique and full of incredible magical journeys that altered my own state of awareness of my own soul's existence before this life.  The practice uses the movement of energy on the hands and feet in a circular motion to create depth in vision and connection to akashic records (soul records). 

About 15 years ago I stumbled across a practice curated by Cindy Silverlock based on the same practice Innid use of Robert St. John's research and theories.   Both Inid and Cindy use the theory method of Metamorphosis written by Robert St. John, of the UK.   It is through isolated circular motions on the hands, feet, spine, back, crown of the head that initiates movement to release and unblock conditioned patterns.  The concept is that the energy system is reachable through many locations on the body.  It is deeply relaxing instantaneously and can immediately calm a person down.  Then it transforms a sense of euphoria, a blissfulness that is immensely nurturing.  

This practice is something I incorporated into my practice and my parenting as well.  I would run these movements over and through my children without them even knowing that it “was something”.  We all stand to need a calming sense and be lifted to create a joyful life.  This practice is simple, subtle, and trance-like and can be used to heal without intentio

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