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Homeopathy was developed by an M.D named Samuel Hahnemann in the mid 19th century.  He found that allopathic medicine was following the path of the body, not the path of energy within the totality of the body.  His methods studied and researched were that the body can be healed through materials of similarity.  Meaning he believed that “like” conditions could cure “like'' conditions.  He also found that although the body is subjected to environmental and conditioned disease, the vital force (soul), was not.  He assured that to cure a disease you need to treat the whole person as an unprejudiced observer.  The symptoms must be felt by the patient, perceived by those around him/her, and observed by the homeopath, the cure (healing) must be felt, and seen as well.  

I was introduced to homeopathy at a very young age when I witnessed a child having a tantrum and a mother giving a remedy. Within minutes of the remedy being taken, it appeared as if the child switched gears and had a whole-body reaction into calmness.  Needless to say, it struck a chord within me to study and learn homeopathy for myself, family, friends, and clients.  I have seen transformations take place instantly of a remedy being taken.  So much to the point the person physically appears different instantly.  I have seen remedies heal chronic disease over time, and stabilize emotional disturbances within days and months.   

Homeopathy uses kingdoms of plants, minerals, and animals for the actual remedy.  The ultimate goal is to find a person's true similia, the energetic remedy that brings forth optimal health and strengthens the vital force in totality. I practice homeopathy with my clients for whole physical, emotional well-being, and spiritual advancement.  

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