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Since entering this field, I have attempted to discard this term as a description of me or my work. The use of the word “Healer” has been hard to welcome for me. Not because I have not seen miracles, or touched and palpated energy that others can not see, feel or sense, as I have seen this and know it well. I strongly believe that the person being healed is the healer. Because without their will, intention, or participation in opening to the possibility of finding their light it can not happen.  It is extremely challenging to be a healer.  So technically to be healed one must become the healer.  I see myself as the creator of a melody that sets the stage for healing and a supportive environment for that process.  

It is only with the current trends and waves that I have been able to accept that term as a description of myself and my work. Maybe in a rebuttal that I see people claiming this title without the years of work/practice to attribute to the achievement of such a title. I have always held the highest regard for healers that I have known and worked with for my own healing to be based on years upon years of experience. How many years, I don’t rightly know I anticipate that it is different for everyone.   I have a lifetime of experience, over 30 years of studies, and natural life skills yet find it challenging to call myself one.  There is always more to learn, more to know, more to see.  I have lived a full life of extreme challenges that have taught me humility that warrants being able to stand with another soul during healing.  Even with all of my certificates, degrees, and natural abilities nothing has taught me more than years of practice and my own journey.

What is healing?

I have come to define healing as being in the most optimal flow of energetic light within a body at any given time, and hopefully continuous optimal flow.  We are subjected to our DNA, we inherit conditioned patterns and habits from our DNA along with cellular memory of the experiences of our DNA.  We are also subject to our souls journey’s and akashic records of the souls experiences that we can carry into each life.  These experiences merge at a cellular level at the time the soul enters the prime gestation of the fetus.  Then instantaneously we are subjected to the experiences of our mother during pregnancy and then after birth our environment of living conditions, life as a source of vibrational consequences to our family, community, world.  All of these conditions subject our optimal flow of energy to static, disturbances, traumas, fears…etc….  When the life force energy is compromised it opens the opportunity for disease to be created within the human body.  

To have healing is to enhance the vital light/life force within and without the body into optimal flow.  Energetic healing can create that environment for a healthier flow of the vital force energy field.   Continuously flowing in optimal life force will manifest physical healing, emotional wellness, dissolving trauma and grief, increasing positivity, clarity, and growth towards manifesting an accomplished soul.  The challenge is that healing is continuous as long as you are in a physical body/human life form.  It never ends as you are always subjected to the patterns of your DNA, Soul’s journey and the present environment.

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