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Homeopathy is a spiritual medicine working with the vital force on a soul level.  It is true that when healing the total vital force the true similium is the center of that foundation.  Although I have been blessed to have studied with many homeopaths on the journey of proving more remedies from different sources beyond that of Hahnemann's repertory.

In fact, a remedy can be made from almost anything that holds energetic value.  For instance moonlight is a remedy of Wise Women in many cultures.  To curate the energies of the moon by placing water in a crystal bowl and placing it in the high energetic moonlight.  Moonlight as a remedy should work for everyone.  All humans could use the benefits of moonlight within their vital force.  Our vital force is the cosmic light of the universe and externalizing that energetic value into human form can only bring you closer to understanding the energetic value of your vitality.  

Spiritual homeopathy is represented in the Aquarian Age, in which we are only just beginning to enter.  This practice will expand powerful practices and work on just solely on a person.  In the future, these remedies will be the transportation of new communities and societies.  Spiritual remedies can fix the remedy state onto the soul for many incarnations.  Meaning the remedy will stay not only within the energy of the organism (body/DNA) but it will travel with the vital force (soul).  Healing generations to come.   

Spiritual homeopathy can also heal deep traumas of the emotional level.  This is a form of recall therapy when the energy of a remedy brings forth a memory in this life, past lives, our soul paths.  The remedy helps to release the experience from the vital force and attune the human energy field to optimal restoration.  This is healing on a cosmic level of deep dimensional levels.

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