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The cosmic energy of each and every flower or herb is essential to subtle healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Flower Essences hold a very dear place in my heart, similar to the energetics of homeopathy, essences can shift a person's perspective into clarity or calmness instantaneously or over a period of time. A level of realism arises from the essence to provide a matrix presence of the flower's essence that heals the client's emotional state of being on a cosmic level, but grounds magically within the body.  

The practice of Flower Essences is a cultivated practice.  The flowers teach us on a level of knowing the origin of the flowers, its likes and dislikes (as in homeopathy), and studying the flowers for some time in order to get to know the flowers' energy.  Every flower depends on the grower of the flower as well, the energy of the environment, as well as the care, is given.  Cultivating your own flower essences is a deeply endearing experience and self-healing.  If this is of interest to you to learn to cultivate your own garden please feel welcome to ask for advice.



The history of flower essences dates back over 3000 in almost every indigenous culture.  Apart from their visual beauty, and wonderful aromas, why do you suppose that flowers are so universally sought after? It seems that they move us profoundly on a very subtle level that we may not consciously recognize or understand. In mystical art we often see the heart represented by a flower. An open blossom is a reminder to the heart to open up. Flowers stimulate the part of the aura (human energy field) that corresponds to the heart and thus explains their use as love tokens.   The practice of flowers are being used in a subtle healing way is reemerging. 

The process - essence of flowers is transferred into liquids called flower remedies or simply flower essences. These essences capture the impact of flowers on our consciousness and affect our subtle bodies in such a way that healing occurs.   Each flower conveys a distinct imprint or etheric pattern which is transferred to the medium of water during essence preparation. Flower Essence Therapy is based on the insight that all living things are profoundly related to nature and that archetypes that are found in the human psychological makeup have their healing counterpart in plant archetypes found in nature. By observing and experiencing the plant's form, habitat, color and fragrance, along with study of historical use and mythological lore of the plant, the particular healing property is uncovered. These interpretations are further refined by information receive through case studies and other clinical data.

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine. When we speak of vibration, we are merely using another synonym for frequency. Different frequencies of energy reflect varying rates of vibration. Matter and energy are two different manifestations of the same primary energetic substance of which everything in the universe is made, including our physical and subtle bodies, the subtle body referring to the subtle energy body which exists in the higher frequency range beyond the physical. The vibratory rate of the subtle body is simply faster. In order to alter our subtle bodies, we must administer energy that vibrates at frequencies beyond the physical plane. Vibrational medicines such as flower essences, contain such high frequency subtle energies. It is believed that disease manifest in the physical body only after disturbances of energy flow have already become crystallized in the subtle bodies. One of the best ways to alter dysfunctional patterns in the subtle bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of frequency-specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines such as flower essences.

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