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Visualization in healing can be used to create an existence of future possibilities, or it can be a visual storyline that will lead you to an inner state of self-awareness.  Meditation is actually the ability to shut the body & mind down completely, when we relax the body, release the mind, the soul (energy system) will heal the physical body, soothe the mind, and expand the soul.  Hypnosis has the ability to offer a client recall of a memory that may need to be healed or just observed.  Regression work is a fabulous way to discover the past of your soul or the past of your DNA.  Journeying or Dreamwork is meeting with your spiritual self and welcoming information from guides, angels, sources of deities.   

All of these methods are needed in healing therapy practice.  Often the client can jump in and out to another level of consciousness that needs to be addressed.  Using these techniques it is imperative that the client be a willing participant.  In working with clients I have seen moments of great healing transpire through an instant state of knowing, or a recalled memory, or an acknowledgment of a trauma.  I have also been healed through the use of these methods.  In my sessions, I use these techniques and skills at will.  Sometimes intended and often as it opens in real-time.  I am studied and skilled to use these techniques as they summon themselves into play in a healing session.

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