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An aura is an energetic field surrounding the physical body and it is also in the physical body. It is the shape of a cell, similar to an egg, and has layers from the inside out to about 6 feet surrounding the physical body. Within the auric field, some people can see, feel, or sense a disturbance in the field.  It may appear as static, or be sludgie in nature, or it can be felt as a vibration in the practitioner's hand, thumping, tingling.   I can often feel and see indents in my hand as I work with clients.  

Auric healing is a practice of dissolving the disturbance with color and/or hand movement, or simply intention.  Being able to see colors is valuable to a practitioner as they can summon a particular color/shade along with the vibrations of the color and emulate it into the area needed.  This is sometimes referred to as light healing or color therapy, I use auric healing with every session.  

Another method in Auric Healing is when a practitioner palpates the energy of the client (builds it up), then moves it back into the physical body usually at the energy centers but minor centers can be used as well. 

Being able to sense the auric field is vital for a therapist to understand illness within the body on an energetic level.  Having had this ability all my life is very much in my nature to even use it without thought or intention. 

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